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* Delivering the optimum UniFi experience to your office requires high-end equipment, which will be provided by us. All you have to do is provide us with sufficient plug points to power these equipment:

* 1 Year Warranty

** Lifetime Warranty

Optional equipment to enhance your UniFi experience:

* 1 Year Warranty

Product Features

*The monthly download volume policy will not be implemented until further notice.

**Optimising Internet Access Connectivity

  1. UniFi is a wired high speed broadband service.
  2. UniFi service comprises a triple-play offering of Phone, High Speed Internet and IPTV (HyppTV).
  3. The wired connection (RJ45 cable) from your desktop PC/laptop to the RG/BG* will ensure that you get OPTIMUM high speed Internet access connectivity.
  4. As an additional benefit for your convenience, the RG/BG also comes with wireless (WiFi) ability, however, if you want to maximise this ability, please observe the following :
    a. position your RG/BG in a central position and minimise any obstacles around it – better still, place your PC/laptop closer to the RG/BG.
    b. reduce the number of users who are accessing the Internet at any one time.
    c. check your PC configurations so that they are configured correctly.
    d. update your firmware or network adapter driver.
    e. upgrade 802.11b/g devices to 802.11n models.
    f. switch off any other wireless electrical/electronic devices to minimise wireless interference.
    g. move your RG/BG off the floor and away from walls & metal objects.
    h. switch off your PC and RG/BG for 30-60 seconds and restart if required.

*RG – Residential Gateway, BG – Business Gateway
Please note once again, the wired connection (RJ 45) cable that is connected
from your desktop PC or laptop to the RG/BG still offers the best Internet bandwidth access
connectivity speed.

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