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Technical Consultancy

Oracle Technical Consultancy Services - system optimization through technical excellence

Completing mission critical Oracle projects on time and within budget requires a team of professionals who, through experience and a wide range of skills, bring the assurance of success.

Working in partnership with your business and employees, our Oracle Technical Consultants - trained as Certified Oracle Professionals - offer you that peace of mind.

Our services range from architecting and implementing robust technology platforms to ensure optimum performance of your business systems, to tweaking your database code to make your Oracle systems work better for you.

Oracle Health Check provides a cost-effective approach to improving performance, availability and security of your Oracle systems in a prioritized and cost effective way. Our Oracle Health Checks are extremely thorough and detailed and comprise both on-site presence from an Oracle Certified Professional Consultant and proven scripts developed in line with Oracle's best practice guidelines.

During the Oracle Health Check our experienced Oracle Consultant will:

  • assess the business requirements of the system on a day-to-day basis and in relation to the required functionality and performance.
  • run scripts in order to assess the key factors with regard to system performance.

We then produce a comprehensive Oracle Health Check Report, complete with a full list of prioritized recommendations, ranging from the urgent to the 'nice to haves'. The report represents an independent assessment of the current status of the system and forms the basis of an active 'roadmap' for future corrective action or development, in line with Oracle's best practice guidelines.

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