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ORACLE - Implementations & Upgrades

Cradiant Implementations & Upgrades - moving forward in safe hands

Installing or upgrading new Oracle Technology or a new Oracle Application can be both time consuming and challenging for even the most seasoned IT professional.

Cradiant can manage and implement any Oracle installation or Oracle upgrade project, taking away the time required, resource and risk for your business. Our proven methodologies ensure that your systems are in safe hands and that the whole process is carried out with the minimum disruption to system productivity.

Cradiant Functional Review - optimizing use of business applications

As business changes, few companies take stock of their IT solutions to check that they continue to return maximum return on investment.

Cradiant's Functional Review provides an independent and objective overview of your organization’s use of applications. We find many companies struggle with aspects of their applications for a number of reasons, including poor initial implementation, lack of internal expertise and simply that the organization has moved on since the primary implementation.

Our Functional Review covers all aspects of functionality including configuration to check your systems meet your business requirements, reporting capabilities, usage to ensure maximum efficiency and addressing issues in performance. We consider your needs now and in the future.

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