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Eastern Dispersal Link (EDL)

JOHOR BARU: Eastern Dispersal Link (EDL) highway will be ready by February 2012, this project valued RM977 mill is handled by a subsidiary of Malaysian Resources Corp Bhd (MRCB), Linkaran Selatan Sdn Bhd (MLSSB), which started to build this 8.1km highway in 2008 and it now reached 60% completion.

Mohamed Razeek Hussain, MRCB chief executive officer, said in a statement that this project will be completed on time even through there had an inclement weather recently, because it is being headed in the right direction.

“In order to make sure this highway will be completed on time, we hired 500 workers and 30 sub-contractors do the construction on a rush mode.”

“The travelling time from Johor Bahru to the Pandan interchange will be reduced, and the traffic from the Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) Complex in Bukit Chagar to all other major roads will be dispersed once the highway is opened to motorists.” He continues said.

The Pandan interchange will make CIQ and North-South Expressway link together, and the EDL highway is toll free, but not for traffic departing to Singapore.

Sekiranya anda ingin mengelakkan kesesakan pada waktu puncak dari Johor Bahru ke Tol Skudai.
Anda boleh menaiki EDL ni dari Stulang Laut ke Tol Skudai hanya 15 minit perjalanan.
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